Meet Claire


Claire is  passionate about helping people create happier, healthier and more productive lives at work and at home. Alongside her wellbeing coaching and consulting, she heads up a national Learning and Development team within the NHS. Having worked within the NHS for the last 18 years, she particularly understands the complexity, pressures and competing demands of working within the public sector. 


She believes passionately in the power of compassion, authentic connection and vulnerability in all areas of life, and is convinced that these are central to developing a happy, healthy, loyal and productive workforce.  


Claire is an experienced coach, working to inspire people to live a life that resonates deeply with their core values and desires. She has an ability to zone in on people’s sabotaging and damaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, and has extensive experience in helping people shift their mindset into something more empowering and positive. 


A particular area of expertise for Claire, is leadership development. She has designed and delivered several leadership development programmes for the NHS and was for several years a LEO (Leading Empowered Organisations) facilitator. 


Claire is also a mindfulness trainer and believes passionately in the transformative power of this practice, both at home and at work.  

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